“Although she is little, she is fierce”.

This is a love letter to all the firecrackers out there because now that I have one of my own, I see just how bright all of you shine.

My fierce tiny tiger, I was scared of your little flame at first.

You came into the world tiny and ready to be heard.

Your spark shined brighter than I have ever seen and for awhile your fierceness scared me.

I am sorry I ever tried to dull your spark and I am sorry that it took so long for me to understand it.

Your brother was calm as a cool breeze and when you came, I wasn’t expecting this whirlwind.

My little firecracker, your colors were so bright I didn’t know how to take them in.

Your beauty was blinding and your mighty burst cracked open the walls of our quiet.

Your spunky spark, your deep eyes, your strong hugs, your selective cuddles, your dramatic woes, your over-the-top expressions, and your shattering roar; scared me.

Teach me to be bold yet tender, fight yet love, teach me to have that spark.

Stay strong.

Stay bright.

Stay loud.


Ignite the world like you ignite my heart.



With love,

Em (Mom)


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