Over two years- that’s the amount of time we spent looking at homes.

A year and a half- that’s the amount of time we were preapproved for a home loan.

Eighty-three days- that’s the amount of time it took to close on our forever home.

If you had told Matt and I five years ago that we would buy a home in Jaffrey New Hampshire I would have laughed and said “Where the heck is Jaffrey? I don’t think I will ever move to New Hampshire. There better be ice cream there”. But fate is kind of funny like that.

We almost bought a bungalow in Gardner, Massachusetts; they declined our offer.

We almost bought a cape in Lunenburg, Massachusetts; we made it all the way to Purchase and Sale and it fell through.

We almost bought a split in Gardner, Massachusetts again; we were out bid.

I think I might have almost broken the share button on my Zillow app sharing listings with Matt 24/7 and by 24/7 I mean that I would wake up in the middle of the night hoping the “perfect” house would pop up and we would snatch it the very next day like little millenial vultures. That never happened.

Time passed and we went to dozens of open houses, went through multiple agents, and I don’t know how many times I looked at Matt and said “This is it. This is going to be our forever home”.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and Matt had just started a job in New Hampshire a couple months prior so we decided to start looking in Southern New Hampshire because I was still working in Massachusetts. We went for a drive- about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we lived in Dracut- and my dad came with us to check out the mountains and some houses on a foggy Saturday. You couldn’t see much for scenery.

It felt like a normal day.

We pulled up to a long blue ranch with a big two car garage attached; I saw Matt’s eyes light up a little bit. We walked along the stone walk way to the front door and there was plants everywhere kind of like Jumanji, but with a homey vibe.

We opened the door to the big bay windowed living room with a brick wall. Go around the corner to see a nice kitchen with stainless steal appliances. A small dining room big enough to fit our hand me down table. A couple bedrooms that needed some updating and paint. A half finished basement that would make a pretty cool man cave. A bathroom with an avocado green tub. A chicken coop with electricity. A stone fountain along the patio. A backyard that could burn off my toddlers energy for days. And a partridge in a pear tree- there literally was a pear tree in the backyard.

Was it perfect? No.

I was tired of the house hunting game. I wouldn’t realize the perfect house even if it bit me on the butt.

The house then bit me on the freaking butt.

It wasn’t until we were driving back home when we realized how perfect it was. Only about a half a mile from this blue beaut of a house was Kimballs ice cream. A little back story for you folks- Kimballs is where Matt and I had our wedding reception over four years ago.

Oh wait, fate slapped me even harder.

We contacted our agent and asked to learn more on the house and found out that the owners names were Scott and Deb… my parents names. YUP. Super weird.

Our offer got accepted on Christmas Eve. At this point we should have been jumping for joy, but we were still scared knowing full well that it’s not over till the fat lady sings.

I tried so hard to keep my emotions under control. This was the day that Matt, Luke, my pintrest board, and I had all been waiting for.

But fate wasn’t going to let me go that easy without throwing some luck in there.

March 17, 2017- St. Patricks Day- the fat lady sung and we officially closed on our forever home.

It now has messy floors and an art covered fridge.

Everything has little finger print smudges and dried playdough in the cracks.

Coasters that are never used and crumbs that have yet to be picked up.

There are little matchbox car scratches on the hardwood floors.

And there are pictures hanging on every wall.

Is it perfect? Yes.



Forever- that’s the amount of time we are going to spend in our long blue ranch.

P.S. There is ice cream here.





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